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Company Profile

Guangzhou Fengming Audio Equipment Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in design, production, sales and service on Aluminum Truss, Stage,Barriercade, Wedding Tent, Event Tent,Etc. Has being the leading manufacturer in China, FM Truss is a world leading show and performances equipment supplier and system solutions enterprise started from Guangdong. The company has set up a head office and factory in Guangzhou. It covers in an area of more than 9000 square meters. FM Truss not only are the suppliers of several world famous brands for the Truss System, Portable Stage , Flight & Road Cases, Pipe and Drapes, and the Clamps & Couplers accessories, but also the tents for events.

Today, FM Truss is one of the largest manufacturers of side line performance instrument in the world. We believe that quality products, good services, advance technology can keep customers to achieve good profit! Welcome you join us for long term cooperation.

FM Truss/ ShenBao Tent

Sales and Marketing Director
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