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  • 产品名称: Customized Pagoda Tent

Pagoda tent is one of the most popular tent design in all kinds of events. It is usually used as entrance, grandstand, exhibition, reception room, porch, stable and so on. Normally, pagoda tent can be single or united use. This model of several pagoda tents united use is also named modular pagoda tent.
The design of customized modular pagoda tent is standard magic cube shape. It is 5m span, 2.6m side height. We use high strength, high hardness aluminum material, the wind load can be 120km/h. Because of small space of single pagoda tent, normally we unite several tent, that is modular pagoda tent. It is very popular in big events, the advantages as below:
1.Modular design can be extended, every tent use the common beams and walls, it can be seamlessly connected and infinitely extended;
2.Installation and disassemble is very easy, can be removed to different locations at any time;
3.Beams are made of high strength aluminum alloy, with rain gutter in the prevention of rainwater dripping from the eaves canopy, more convenient and more humanized;
4.It is suitable for temporary exhibition halls, mobile offices, VIP lounges, multifunctional suites and other purposes.

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