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Aluminum Stage Introduction

Aluminum Stage is a relatively high-end stage, often used in the international star performances, beautiful appearance, durable. The stage is widely used by domestic and international customers. Aluminum stage assembly can apart the transportation, does not occupy space, set up is also very convenient science, save a lot than the traditional iron shelf stage, does not need any auxiliary machine tools.

The stage of all material made of aluminum alloy, surface is aluminum alloy frame wrapping, covered with a rubber pad. The platform is screwed on the stage support by means of a screw. The bracket can also spread the toughened glass plate glass net stage.

Aluminum Stage high-end luxury atmosphere, easy assembly, suitable for Gaestgiveriet Hotel and other industries to use, the product is easy to store after folding.

Aluminum Stage Size

Can be combined by a single species or two combinations.
1.22*1.22m size stage
1.22*2.44m size stage

Height can be divided into the following adjustable range:

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