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Aluminum Truss Introduction

Aluminum truss systems are designed for a variety of applications and can be used to support lighting, sound equipment, digital signs and banners. Aluminum is a highly adaptable, multipurpose alloy, and each series layout in our product line features a specific load rating. We even offer heavy-duty configurations for more structural support. Here are the key advantages of aluminum trussing.
Versatile With Indoor And Outdoor Applications
•Lightweight For Easy Transport
•Resistant To Heat, Cold, Moisture And Corrosion
•Easy Conical Connection System For Quick Setup
•Tapered Pins For Easy Disassembly
•High Tensile Strength For Enhanced Durability
•Low Maintenance
•Long Lasting When Used Within Load Specifications
•Certified And Inspected To Meet High Safety Standards
Trade Show Exhibit Display Booths, FM Truss understands that every trade show booth and individual company expectations are different. We can help you design and create an entire experience that helps your visitors connect to what makes your company genuinely different and better than your competitors. Whether you’re looking for an entire Trade Show Booth or a simple truss display, we’re always ready to help.
Truss Finish Lines, Aluminum Truss is a fundamental element of any professional sporting event. A Truss Finish Line is simply a must to begin the finish line is designed to make an electrifying statement. Participants want to see clear finish lines and at the moment of their accomplishment want to hear their names and have their photos taken. The modular design of Aluminum Truss allows portability and ease of set up. Truss is a perfect solution for supporting time clocks, camera / film equipment, timing sensors, sound and lighting equipment. Let’s not forget about your sponsors. With the right design we can provide the appropriate placement of your sponsor graphics. Let us help you create an exciting finish line for both spectators and participants by designing the right Truss Finish Line for your event.
Truss Totems and Glow Totems, Given that some venues do not enable you with the ability to rig from their ceilings, Truss Totems give mobile entertainers the ability to provide modern and practical lighting solutions. Truss Totems are lightweight, easy to transport allowing them to be discreet and easily adaptable from venue to venue thus A Simplified Transportation and Professional Presentation. Glow Totems Consist of four single truss tubes, a base plate, a top plate, and a lycra truss cover, the Glow Totem kits include everything needed for DJ’s and mobile entertainers to create a clean, polished look. At weddings, Truss Totems become a classy way to hang Big Lighting Fixtures Vs. Lighting Stands. When the tubes are assembled and a Battery Powered LED Uplight is placed at the bottom then covered with the lycra truss cover, there’s no cross hatching only a smooth modern uplighting glow.

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